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The project


Image-generating AI models have considerable gender biases when it comes to imagining tech industry positions. This is because of the biased data they were fed from the internet. As this technology becomes household, its lack of fair gender representation has serious implications on how the world sees technological professions for the future. If we want AI to include women of tech in their portrayal, we have only one choice: we have to train them with new, realistic data. Our goal is to create the Dataset for Equality that features the actual photos and job titles of the brilliant women who hold 26%* of all tech-related positions.


Become one of the

women of change

The initiative to change AI’s gender bias | Telekom introduces the Dataset for Equality

Become one of the


of change

How you can act


If you are a female tech professional, we ask a simple but mighty favour of you: your own professional data, consisting of your photo and job title.

First, we will add them to other generous women’s photos and job titles. Then, together with vAIsual, a tech company that develops ethical feeding material for artificial intelligence, we transform this sum of data into a dataset that AIs can be trained with, and make it available for free for companies who develop AI models.

The campaign period has ended

Thank you to all who contributed to our cause! Your support has already made the tech world more welcoming and inclusive.

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*Based on the results of the 2020 survey by the Institute.